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This app has made me a more effective and at times, a much happier person.


The Ultimate Interval Timer and Task Manager

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Timewinder is a highly-customizable, social, interval timer and task manager to help you get stuff done. Now with Apple Watch support, customers have found it to be the best app for Yoga, Meditation, CrossFit, TABATA, HIIT, WOD, Running, Study, Productivity and so much more. Find out now for yourself by downloading it for your iOS or Android device for FREE. Timewinder is so simple to understand, you can use it immediately.

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Packed with Easy-To-Use, Innovative Features


Your content is in the foreground and is easy to get to.Create interval timers in a few simple steps; save as many of them as you want; and play them back with a large, clear, customizable display.

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Share the way you want to share. Share with just your friends via Facebook or Email. Get free timer templates for workouts, meditation, yoga, study routines and so much more on our community site.


Keep it simple or be complex. Timewinder is the only interval timer on the market that allows each interval of your timer to be completely customized to your needs.


Play music, video or take calls while your timer is running and don’t worry about what is going on with your timer.Yes!


As a universal app, you can run Timewinder on all of your devices and get the same great experience no matter what you’re using. Now including support for Apple Watch!


Could it be that easy? We think so, but don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Work out more effectively. Study efficiently. Manage that business presentation. Try out the ad-supported version of Timewinder for FREE yourself!

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Easy to Customize, Run on your Watch Too!

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Timewinder, the Most Powerful Interval and Task Manager App Available

  • Elegant design is easy-to-understand and puts your conent first.
  • The first interval timer and task manager with Apple Watch support.
  • Built-in tutorials help get you started fast.
  • Easy playback mode with options for readability and customization.
  • Screen lock mode during playback when you want it.
  • Expand what you can do with this app with free timer templates.
  • Easily share workouts and other timers with friends.
  • Full interval support, with hour, minutes and second support.
  • Support for custom pictures for each interval if you want it.
  • Support for custom text for each interval if you want it.
  • Support for custom sounds for each interval if you want it.
  • Use the built in recorder for voice clips for each interval if you want it. iOS 8.x and above only.
  • Use built-on text-to-speech to read back customized text in your timer, if you want it. iOS 8.x and above only.
  • Works flawlessly with phone, video, music and other apps. Full background support.
  • Universal application. Download it once. Use it everywhere.
  • Lowest price on Google Play or the App Store for an app with these features if you decide to remove ad support!
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My quest to find the perfect task manager is over. Hands down, this is the app to manage time in the store.

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