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Rock Opera? Game?
You Be the Judge.

Shuffle Run

Crazy, Addictive, Retro-Arcade Game and Epic Saga of Doom

Do YOU Have What it Takes?

GULP! Can you make it to the portal before you run out of fuel? Are you able to do so more skillfully than your friends? Aim, shoot and slide your way through dozens of levels as you find out if you’ve got what it takes. Shuffle Run is the best and most addictive rock-opera-satire-arcade game for iOS ever made. It’s a neo-retro ode to arcade gaming that is a mix of pinball, shuffleboard and your arcade favorites. FREE to play with dozens of levels and 3 additional mini-games, challenge your friends or play against your personal best as you free yourself from Dr. Titlputter’s evil plan.

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A Saga Because We Said So

...and the most Awesome iOS Game EVER!

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Maybe you didn’t know this, but Dr. Tiltputter was one of the greatest video game designers in the history of gaming. As the arcades faded away, there were rumors he disappeared entirely. No one really knows what happened to him. Little did anyone know, he was actually working on the game to end all games and unwittingly YOU have fallen into his trap. Unlock his mysterious thoughts on gaming and play some of his greatest hits as you navigate each level to earn the master token and free yourself from his diabolical world!


  • 35 Challenging Levels.
  • Gamecenter and Facebook integration to challenge your friends.
  • 3 of Dr. Tiltputter's game greats included as mini-game bonuses!
  • Amazing, self-referential, rock-opera-satire-soundtrack, in stereo™.
  • Patented Haiku Hints™ help you when you’re stuck.
  • Ultra-Retro look and feel.
  • Time warping super boosts.
  • Coinage and other goodies.
  • Extra doses of snark and snide.
  • Universal application. Download it once. Play it everywhere, all the time, with everyone you know.
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Pinball + Doom = Doomball

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