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This app is so funny I cracked up laughing! It is an awesome app to have.


Is Somebody Getting You Down?

Don't Get Mad, Get Rude!

RudeDude is a joke app that listens to background room noise and says funny, obnoxious, and rude things if the room gets too loud. RudeDude works in the background. Start it up for some serious stealth pranking.

RudeDude has built-in Voice Sets including “RudeBoy” for those angrier times, “Mr. Oblivious” for when some irony is in order and a bonus holiday voice set to spread the cheer. Each Voice Set includes over 60 sounds. You can buy more Voice Sets to match your situation, including “Gramps” and “Wiseguy”. Collect the whole set. Knock yourself out.

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Try some sample rudeness. Click on an icon to play a sample.

Annoying hipsters, coworkers, frenemies??? You're covered.

Packed with Pranks

Useful for Nearly All Occasions!

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Rudedude is ready to let everyone know what he thinks with the tap of a button. Set his voice to suit your mood!

You can use Rudedue to:

  • Annoy the guy that’s talking loudly on his cellphone.
  • Keep your parents from getting a word in edgewise.
  • Keep your teenager from getting a word in edgewise.
  • Talk back to that noisy person in the office.
  • Annoy the dog. Bug your cats.
  • Shush up people at the movies.
  • Stop that significant other from droning on about relationship problems.
  • Drive people nuts trying to figure out where “that voice” is coming from.
  • Talk back to that annoying hipster at the coffee shop. Yeah – that one.
  • Have two RudeDudes annoy each other!
  • Humorously control it all without saying a word!

Remember: Practice Safe Pranking!

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