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The chiptunes were so true to life. I nearly got lost in another decade.

Double Barrel

Go Ahead. Give 'em the Barrel!

Totally Excellent, Early Gaming

Cute Birds getting you down? Go ahead and shoot ‘em up in Double Barrel. FREE with ad support, Double Barrel is the ultra 80s arcade shooter for iOS. You can play it anywhere and it is the perfect game to play wherever you find yourself. The first in our series of Eight Bit Follies, Double Barrel is the most idle of mini games. So straightfoward, you might just be able to play it with your cat!

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Packed with Action

level 1
title screen
level 2

So Many Advanced Features!!!

  • Explore amazing new worlds while you blow up some birds.
  • Two cannons…but watch yourself! You can only use one of those bad boys at a time.
  • Bonus birds and extra points for good shooting.
  • Enhanced with real 8-bit sounds! Just like the arcade...if you had a time machine!
  • Universal app. Download it once, play it everywhere.
  • FREE. No things to buy - just you, your cannons, and those darned birds!
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An epic saga of exploring new worlds, while blowing up pixelated birds.

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